Kimekomi is a technique of carving lines in a body made from solidified wood powder with starch, and inserting kimono fabric into the lines. The history of this Kimekomi doll dates back to the mid 18th century. ‘KIMEKOMI TRAY’ is combined with the same old technique. It is created in a two- dimensional way with added soft synthetic sheet so that it will have cushioned surface to hold your precious watches and jewelries, etc. The frame is lacquered in Aizu-nuri, one of the traditional artworks in the Aizu region in Fukushima. The design has unique and contemporary twist with fine and authentic colour compositions and geometrised patterns. Tortoise shell motif is well known as a sign of good luck and great fortune. ‘KIMEKOMI TRAY’ will radiant your everyday moment. This item is perfect as a memorial gift for special occasions.

Material:Pure Silk, Synthetic Fiber, Lacquered MDF or clear Lacquered Paulownia Wood,etc.
Size:small W105mm x D150mm x H30mm, medium W250 x D150 x H30mm

  • No.091-CA032 | Hana Utage

  • No.091-CB034 | Yayoi Kobako

  • No.091-CB033 | Shinju Zakura

  • No.091-AA025 | An

  • No.091-AA021 | Ohbi