"Lucky Cat" has been loved by many Japanese people since the ancient times, as a good luck ornament that brings luck and prosperous business. The cats with their right paw up are said to bring in people(customeres). In feng shui, different colors have different meanings, with blue considered to bring academic success or protection against traffic accidents, red being the bringer of love, and black is meant to lure away evil spirits and sickness. KAKINUMA TOKO has created a new world of "Lucky cat" using Swarovski crystals for the eyes, power stone for the bell, and the body clothed not only in silk, but also printed cloth or leather, which were not commonly used for Kimekomi.

  • ①Red
    【Viability・Sound Health】

  • ②Blue

  • ③Green
    【Repose・Recovery from Fatigue】

  • ④Purple
    【Demonstrate One's Ability・Relax】

  • ⑤Peach

  • ⑥Black
    【Amulet・Warding off Evil】

  • ⑦White

  • ⑧Gold
    【Economic Fortune】

  • ⑨Yuzen Red

  • ⑩Enamelled Leather

  • ⑪Checkered Pattern

  • ⑫Meibutsugire

  • ⑬Luster A

  • ⑭Yusoku

  • ⑮Gold Brocade A

  • ⑯Gold Leaf

①~⑯ Large:H130 x W85 X D75mm Medium:H115 x W80 X D60mm Small:H100 x W65 X D55mm

  • ⑰Crepe(Monochrome White)

  • ⑱Crepe(Multicolor)

  • ⑲Luster

  • ⑳Yokodan Fold

⑰~⑳ Large:H155 x W70 X D90mm Medium:H125 x W60 X D80mm Small:H100 x W55 X D60mm

  • No.091-CA032 | Hana Utage

  • No.091-CB034 | Yayoi Kobako

  • No.091-CB033 | Shinju Zakura

  • No.091-AA025 | An

  • No.091-AA021 | Ohbi